Logic-Based Therapy, founded by Elliot D. Cohen, PhD, is a leading modality of philosophical practice or “philosophical counseling.” Like psychological counseling, philosophical practice aims at helping clients address their behavioral and emotional problems. In contrast, its practitioners typically stress philosophical methods and theories above mainstream psychological ones.

Logic-Based Therapy is not a substitute for mental health counseling. However, Logic-Based Therapy (LBT) can be used with great success in conjunction with mental health counseling. LBT typically only requires 2-3 sessions to work out irrational thinking about a particular life problem.  Philosophical and mental health counseling are complementary and mutually supportive avenues for helping people to overcome life issues.

I am a native of the Southern Indiana / Greater Louisville, KY area. I received a BA in Philosophy and a BA in Geoscience from Indiana University Southeast, and an MA in Philosophy from Holy Apostles College. I am a certified philosophical practitioner from the Institute of Critical Thinking.  I focus on helping individuals identify, repair, and overcome improper thinking with the rich traditions of philosophers like Socrates.

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